Friday, March 12, 2010

how much is that flower bowl in the window?

yesterday, we talked about some pottery barn bedding that's on-sale, and today, i have to share with you some other great sale items (no, i don't get paid by PB, i just know a good sale when i see it and am vicariously living through honey living readers with shopping money to burn...anyone? anyone?)

spring is like gift season...babies, weddings, and all the celebrations and gifting that go along with them. registries are always handy, sometimes something unexpected and pretty is just the thing. i think pb has some on-sale offerings that totally fit this bill. i love the silver plated bowl above - so lovely for a vanity, a bathroom shelf, or a nightstand. it just looks special.

i think you know how i feel about the surevolution flower bowl because i've mentioned it several times (i reeeeeaaaaalllly like it), and now it's half-price. this is another one that would look good pretty much anywhere. plus it's made in a sustainably managed studio in india by local artisans, so there's that.

i also love the velvet ribbon napkins which i find to be casual and elegant at once, and would brighten any table in an instant. there's also a runner to match. i can say, having switched to cloth napkins this year, it's a really nice change to make both for the earth and for the home - it feels very classed up, even on chili night.

and the set of 12 monthly notebooks is charming and pretty, but would be an equally striking gift for a man or a woman. though it might be a funny mid-year gift, the holidays will be back before we know it, and at half-price, it's a great deal.

on the furniture front, i can't believe i've never seen these chairs before! they're made of recycled aluminum and they're terrific looking, aren't they? i love the mix of influences - the rough industrial look of the aluminum (particularly because it's so matte), and the farmhouse style of the classic napoleon chair. one of these would be perfection at a desk, don't you think? i might even add a really flowery seat cushion to further amp up the contrast.

so often we find ourselves looking for a hard-working piece of furniture that isn't overly this or that, and i really like the metropolitan console table and cubes for these kinds of pursuits. they're classic in shape and finish, but not too modern or too old-fashioned and can be taken in many directions based on other choices within the room. the cubes are so functional and i love that they are easy to move around and play with for different uses. with two, you have two squares or one rectangle, and they can be flexible and fluid, and morph as your needs change, even many times in the same day.

i love the celadon bath accessories...their crackle glaze is so rich even though the cool green color is beachy and spa-like. not all the pieces are still available, but i like that better since i think it's nicer to have one or two items from a collection like this rather than the whole matchy-matchy set.

and lastly, i love the french wire urn for so many uses (loved it as a chandelier, love it like this). it's great as a receptacle for dried flowers and botanicals, but also for candles, and even mundane things like remote controls and small umbrellas - what an unexpected way to find very ho-hum items! even empty, it's very lovely looking.

okay, so go forth and shop! or not! i think it's fun to window shop, even online. sure, it makes for a healthy wish list, but also helps me to imagine new uses for things i already have, and for me, it encourages me to shuffle things around and try out new ideas. what's old can be new again, i've found.

how do you feel? do you find window shopping fun or frustrating?

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Simply Luxurious said...

Love the gold flower bowl! I can see why you like it so much. I've been tempted. =)
Just came across your blog and love it! I will most certainly be back.

Have a lovely weekend.

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