Thursday, March 18, 2010

tiny treasures...self-talk

you know when you're browsing through greeting cards and you stumble upon that perfect message that really speaks to you at that moment? a lot of times it's not appropriate for the occasion you're searching for and you can't think of who you'd send it to at the moment, so it slips away. well i have an idea of who to give it! there are so many beautiful, inspirational cards out there, and at any given time, you're sure to be able to find one that speaks directly to you - who you are on that very day, in that very moment.

this week's tiny treasure is to do just that - take a few minutes (like the artist's date i took myself on to papyrus many months ago) and to to the nicest card shop you can. try and make it one that plays nice music and has kind cashiers. choose the section you'll explore -- encouragement, get well, congratulations, love...whatever feels right, and look through all the glorious cards...the pictures, the fonts, the special messages crafted of meaningful words and suspended moments in time.

i have bought myself two cards recently, and they both speak to me so gently and so deeply. one of them says on the front "there are years that ask the questions while other years answer," and then inside it says "listen to your heart and you'll know just what to do." when i bought it a few months ago, it meant something specific to me, and now it means something entirely different. i love how simple words can camouflage themselves that way.

and the one i bought myself just yesterday says "when the winds of change feel too strong, close your eyes and let the breeze blow through your hair."

sometimes a sweet card with such an honest, simple statement displayed somewhere prominent can change the direction of a mood or a day just enough. (i have one inside my medicine cabinet and the other, i'm using as a bookmark). for the sweet card to be from yourself speaks volumes about loving and caring for ourselves the way we do for others.

give yourself a card can even send it in the mail if that's your pleasure.

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justk8 said...

love this post! honey living makes my day better! actually today is my b-day and my friend sent me a card that touched me so much. it had two glorious lady superheroes on the front and it said something like "me & you...two superheroes. no sidekicks" it made me smile so much.

jackie fo said...

i love looking through greeting cards... i am that person who laughs out loud in the aisle when i read a funny one :)

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