Wednesday, March 10, 2010

spring is springing

it looks kind of funny with tiny patches of snow still on the ground, but spring is coming, for sure. here are a couple of (very exciting!) pieces of evidence, taken right outside our front door.

what do you think these little green shoots are? we weren't here last spring, so it will be a surprise! i'm thinking it could be tulips, based on this picture of a tulip bulb growing, or it could be daffodils based on this picture, or possibly hyacinth or crocus plants. really, it could be any of the spring bulbs, or an assortment. ooooooh i hope it's an assortment! what do you predict?


Kelly said...

I say Daffodils or Crocuses. But I hope for you it’s an assortment. Not sure about those red things. Keep us posted!

honey living said...

yes, i definitely will! someone on facebook thought hyacinth, but although they're pretty, i always find they get dingy and sort of dirty looking very quickly. did you ever notice that?

Kelly said...

I find they die quickly inside. I usually get some small potted ones this time of year and for some reason they start to fade quickly in my house. But I love their scent so can't resist!

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