Tuesday, December 15, 2009

honey gift files...to say thanks

i always think it's important to carefully select a host or hostess gift - these presents are multi-purpose, acting both as a token of style and as an offering of thanks. as such, it's important to choose something special and unique, and something the recipient might not think to buy themselves. i also think that this type of gift is an opportunity to give something a little out of the ordinary and quirky.

here are some of the things i really like right now. of course, these gifts would be great for anyone who likes interesting things, not just a hostess...take a look!

from jayson home and garden, i love these selections - their handpicked inventory lends itself naturally to special gift-giving. the gold lancaster tea set looks special from a mile away.

and you know how i feel about jayson's agate cheese platters, especially when paired with the bolinas flatware.

the quartz votive holder has total one-of-a-kind flair, and i see it as a modern, edgy version of the tried and true kosta boda snowball votive.

wisteria is one of the best sources for unique objets, and here are my favorite picks for host and hostess gifts.

i think these embroidered cocktail napkins from wisteria make a pretty and classy gift, plus they show forethought and attention to detail, which are always appreciated. it's also nice to show that extra thought when choosing something for someone who has put time and effort into hosting you, for an evening or for a week (don't stay any longer than a week, trust me).
the etched crown glasses i really like because they're so regal looking and would make a welcome addition to any bar. i love that they have some sparkle and shine because of the gold, but still manage to be gender neutral and work in a home with both men and women. in fact, i sort of feel like when a woman is drinking from these, they're delicate and when a man is drinking from them, they're strong. regardless of who is drinking from them, they're elegant for sure.

i love these plucky and whimsical french seaside birds...they make such a nice addition to any display area, even just casually sitting on a counter or ledge and i think most people would be delighted to receive the trio.

from pottery barn i love this set of turtle dove soaps - they are so perfectly carved, and nice soaps like this are the kind of thing people really shy away from buying themselves. i know that for me, i never would have bought nice soaps before receiving them as a gift. once i did, i fell in love with them and would buy them again and again. they're such a luxurious touch to a bathroom.

speaking of luxurious touches, i love the idea of this silver-plated monogrammable tray and the magnifying glass and letter opener set, also from pottery barn. they're very regal and important feeling, and to me, they up the ante of any desk, key table or valet area. again, not really the type of things one buys themselves, so extra nice as a gift of gratitude.

i think these surevolution flower bowls, created by hand by artisans in a sustainable indian studio, are so pretty and delicate.

along the flower lines, i love the idea of giving a plant or tree. pottery barn carries these seeds of life potted trees (magnolia or pine), which are a great alternative to the more common poinsietta or floral bouquet. (note: for christmas delivery, december 17th is the last order date.)

shown at the top of this post, jayson home and garden also sells a magnolia tree perfectly sized for giving, and then there's one of the more adorable gifts i've come across recently, the message bean ,which literally sprouts a message of thanks or holiday wishes a couple weeks after it's opened and watered. the stalks can grow up to 20 feet in direct sunlight!

this teapot from pier 1 makes me smile, and i think it would make a really nice gift, perhaps even with a box of nice teas. (note: pier 1 does not offer online shopping - are they kidding?)

crate and barrel's oleander bowl is one of my favorite tabletop objets ever. isn't it stunning?
another cute idea from crate and barrel for a family is this gourmet popcorn set inside a popcorn bowl - the combo makes for a fun movie night, especially when paired with a DVD or a netflix subscription.
i think whatever you give, whether a hand-selected item from the nicest of stores, a handmade card or a lovingly baked cake, any gift is well-received when given with an open, warm sense of gratitude and love. it's funny how a recipient can feel that, but when you think of it, haven't you had that experience? where you know you've been gifted with someone's thoughts and hopes for making you happy? love that feeling.

all photos from linked sites

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