Thursday, March 4, 2010

tiny treasures...spring in your step

to me, there is no debate about this week's tiny treasure. it is hands-down a little bunch of tulips or daffodils, the springiest of flowers which have made their annual appearance these last couple of weeks. i picked mine up this morning and i chose these hot pink ones with my little red vase in mind. i've been loving the pink and red color combo recently and wanted to try it out. that's one of the things i love about flowers - not only are they pretty and often fragrant, but the color offerings are so exciting. please tell me you find this exciting too. PLEASE.

one of the most treasured parts of this tiny treasure for me this morning was fully being in each moment, enjoying each step - looking at all the choices, selecting the bunch i'd buy, carrying them through the street, cutting them down and smelling that fresh, green, bright smell as i arranged them, and then finally placing them on my desk. tulips are especially nice, because each passing day is another part of their story - they're tightly closed when you get them, looking promising and bright. but over the course of the next few days, they open and change and come into their full beauty.

even if you're not in new york or another area with abundant flower stands with $5 bunches, go into a florist and get a stem or two for $5 and place them in a pretty vase or glass on your nightstand, your desk, your bathroom sink - anywhere you like to feel pretty and happy. they're a real moodlifter, and its not about how many stems you get in a bunch - it's about the message you send when you treat yourself to a dose of spring and happiness, even while the snow is still melting. i can feel the little spikes of pleasure each time i glance over at them. SUCH a tiny treasure.

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jackie fo said...

I LOVE tulips too :) In fact, I am now inspired to buy some this weekend :)

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