Friday, March 12, 2010

happy weekend!

hello lovelies. we made it to the weekend. i hope you got to enjoy some nice weather where you live this past week because it's just been the nicest little teaser for all the months to come. it's supposed to rain all weekend here in new york, but i'm choosing to see it as a precursor to all the greenery and flowers.

in the past, i've lamented the artificially early onset of a new season when i'm not yet done with the old, but i've reformed my way of thinking...each season has such nice things to appreciate, so i'll now take a page from the retailers' book and start early so i can pack in more enjoyment. it feels nice to be free to relish in all the springiness that has sprung. isn't it exciting?

for some friday clicking, i have a few things to share.

did you read the ny times article about "the breast whisperer" a few weeks ago? it's funny in some ways, but all around very interesting to consider it all.

also, i'd love for you to check out my piece "no gift certificate required" in overlook view magazine's march issue, out today. it's about giving yourself a spa experience at home with small, easy changes. it's on page 21 of this PDF.

i have two songs for you to listen to today as you click around and ease your way into the some ways, they remind me of each other. the first is need you now by lady antebellum (video is shockingly cheeseball). the song is so catchy and kind of haunting, don't you think? i can just see driving to this song and seeing a montage of something intense in my mind. am i the only one who pictures things like that? extra bonus: the line that says "i'm a little drunk and i need you now..." hilariously conversational lyric. love that.

and then an oldie-but-goodie, wide open spaces by the dixie chicks. much more upbeat but just as catchy. this is a summer song to me, really, but it's been on my mind so why not now? it's one of those feel-good songs and i live for the video. amazingly happy, especially when the three of them are silhouetted against the evening sky in the fields. just sounds good, doesn't it? those fields, and the very concept of "wide open spaces," in a very literal way, remind me of our summer trip to the eastern shore of maryland a couple years ago.

spring is SO all about home projects, isn't it? but especially these days, often the budget is non-existent for sprucing and changing, so i wanted to share a great article i found on cheap and chic ways to perk up your bathroom from style at home. there are some really good ideas.

and speaking of spring (when am i not speaking of spring recently?), check out this post on house of turquoise about one of crate and barrel's fun outdoor furniture collections. so resorty, right?

and here are a few martha images for spring that just fill me with happiness, and i hope you love them too. gives me lots of ideas!

enjoy the weekend and i'll see you back here on monday, once we've all sprung ahead!

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