Thursday, March 18, 2010


how sweet and colorful is this mobile? i love how it's a little zany, a little unexpected, and mirrored underneath! and just at the time a baby would normally outgrow the idea of a mobile overhead, the toddler that baby becomes would probably find themselves giggling at the quirky animals which detach to be standalone toys.

love this as a baby gift, don't you?

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justk8 said...

i love mobiles! i sort of want one for myself. how nice would it be to just lie back and look up at something whimsical and lovely? happy thursday honey living!

annechovie said...

Very cute, Carla! Have a great day.

Maria said...

so cute! I love that the animals come off for the toddler to play with, making the use of the mobile that much longer. so smart.
also would love an adult appropriate mobile. maybe one with crystals or glass beads. something like a wind chime but maybe not noisey. hmm, i bet honeyliving could find it if it exists ;)

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