Tuesday, March 2, 2010

that's a print

isn't the style collection of stationery from colorful images stylish?

and i find the improv a particularly likeable pattern for home officey kinds of things too.

i also really like the dandelion collection. it's so whimsical and peaceful looking, don't you think?

and the daphne collection reminds me of a certain kind of 1920's elegance.

each pattern comes in a really nice variety of products including flat notecards, folded notecards, shipping labels, seals, flat contact cards and much more.

i find colorful images to be a really great resource for very inexpensive personal stationery and also for small businesses. it's a way to try out different styles and patterns (VERY mix-and-matchable) for a very low cost.

take a look around and look at some combinations you might want to try! here's a fun combination i was clicking around with:

or this combo...

so fun, right?

all photos from www.colorfulimages.com

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