Wednesday, March 3, 2010

pensees for your thoughts

i'm sorry, that title is really atrocious.

well moving forward, i guess i'm just in a flowery mood this week, because this image, which i've had in my files for years, keeps catching my eye. it's one of the loveliest china patterns i've ever seen - bernardaud pensees. i really love the large, free-looking pansies strewn across the pieces. i think if i had a bridal registry ahead of me again, i'd choose to mix this pattern with the basics from another bernardaud pattern called palmyre.

i think i'd go with the palmyre dinner plate and salad plate, and i would absolutely go with the especially pretty pensees soup bowl for each setting to separate the two plates.

and the pensees rice bowl would top each setting, since it has a gorgeously thick gold stripe lining the top.
then i'd complete the spread with serving pieces from both collections - particularly the most gold-detailed pieces from the pensees.

can i register for my birthday?

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