Thursday, March 4, 2010

moving out(side)

this week, i'm starting to think about creating the outdoor extension of my living space, perhaps inspired by our earlier discussion of restoration hardware's outdoor collection.

since we're in a new place this spring, it's an exciting new challenge - one i haven't really devoted much thought to before now, since we moved in the fall. you might remember how much i cherished our outdoor space in our last home, so i have high hopes of creating a special space here too.

are you starting to think about your outdoor life for spring and summer? do you have any projects to start on?

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jackie fo said...

I really need to do my little garden this spring. I have a tiny little patch of grass and I just didnt feel like planting last year, so it looked horrible and needless to say, i regretted it. I have a watering problem though. In that... I forget to water. Often.

honey living said...

oh i hear you. i had several little....mishaps, we'll call them, last year with my "garden."

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