Tuesday, February 9, 2010

it takes balls

so remember how we talked about decorative bowls last week? really dramatic or structural ones can look good empty, but others need a little something. aside from mail and fruit and collections of happenstance, balls can be a good filler. but i'm kind of tired of the standard botanical ones...been there, done that. these are some fresher options i've seen.

i love the industrial look of the metallic ones here...they have the potential to add visual interest and sparkle and shine to the space they occupy.

and i love these more decorative options because the balls themselves are a point of interest, and an artful detail all their own.

and i could never just write off the botanical option altogether, so the top photo (green allium balls) and the two below are, to me, fresh takes on the tried and true.

green allium (top photo) and green berry ball from http://www.saveoncrafts.com/, frizz (2nd photo), stainless steel, aluminum and glass bubble balls from www.cb2.com, globe and baroque balls from www.crateandbarrel.com, blue and white balls from www.pier1imports.com, lattice balls from www.westelm.com

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