Tuesday, December 20, 2011

keeping our heads on straight...three minute cleanup

one of the things that never fails to make me pleased with myself rather quickly is the three minute cleanup. i just made that name up, but that pretty much says it in a nutshell. take this morning for example. as i stood in the bathroom getting ready for the day, i found myself annoyed by how cluttered the sink area was. where did all this come from? long-ago-finished magazines, clothing that - though once probably fine to be put away - now needs to be washed from makeup residue falling on it day after day...wrappers and packages everywhere - how does this happen??

if i were being as perfect as martha, this wouldn't ever happen, but luckily it doesn't take very long to gather up all the mess and put each thing in its rightful place. a quick swipe of the counter with a nice smelling wipe and it's over. done. the dawn of a new day, with even a place to put my coffee. such a nicer way to start the day.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

into the woods

i love the whole woodland christmas theme i've seen emerge over the last couple of years in the stores and catalogs -- it seems like everyone got the memo. the whole look makes me feel like i could be curled up in a lodge next to a fire with a piping cup of hot chocolate (or coffee if we're being real), listening to wonderful christmas crooning and just more or less living the christmas dream. you too?

i love this wonderful collection of ornaments from anthropologie which are, like everything at anthropologie, a little on the pricy side. still, though, not too bad if you're purchasing just a few special ones for a gift for yourself or a loved one.

and then these from crate and barrel:

and i love how west elm has gone the more plush, playful route, with several of them under $5:

pier 1 also has incredibly affordable ones, which is especially nice - most are under $2!

do you love? so cozy, right? i love the idea of combining these little textural critters with mercury glass, shimmery pine cones and lots of candlelight for a cozy, christmasy night in.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

good morning

this was today's daily thought from real simple (do you subscribe?) and i liked its simplicity and truth.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

caffeine and inspiration

i found starbucks to be full of inspiration this morning...maybe i'm lightheaded from lack of nutrition, or maybe it just was that inspiring...first, isn't the color story of the christmas blend packaging beautiful?

and don't you know people who get such joy from the red holiday cups? i know i do. get the joy, i mean, though i also know other people who do. it's a sure sign that the holidays are here, and so i love the idea of getting someone an ornament of that very cup! it's as perennial reminder of the holidays for some as the idea of a christmas tree, so why not go for synergy? they come in a set that includes the plain old white cups, or individually as the red ones. paired with a starbucks gift card, this makes the perfect stocking stuffer or thank you gift.


i also love the new selection of mugs, including the classic line which are clean and graphic with the starbucks sizes emblazoned on them (clearly the venti would be my choice) and even include a teeny, tiny, totally adorable tasting cup at 3 ounces, known as a demi in barista land. this one is so cute for when you just want a sip...or to serve at the end of an evening with mini biscotti and chocolate covered spoons. or if you want to feel like alice in wonderland. 

i also love the ones with the sort of freestyle mug designs inspired by their italian roast. aren't they pretty? i like that they're so unbranded, so they'd look fine in anyone's home.

and how about this starbucks reserve mug that seems to be made just for me...at first, i was thinking "why would you buy this unless your last name starts with an R?" and then i realized, it doesn't matter, because mine DOES START WITH AN R!

p.s. did you know you could buy the starbucks flavored syrups? who knew?

Monday, December 5, 2011

all aglow

i love the incredibly simple idea of lining a walkway or staircase with candles when having people over in the evening. it's perfect for a holiday soiree or even just a casual dinner with loved ones. i've thought about the homes of several people i know -- from big suburban houses to tiny city apartments -- and there isn't one of them that i don't think could execute this in a clean, hauntingly beautiful way. you could do in outside as your guests enter the home, or you could line an indoor hallway or set of stairs. or both.

i always know i really love an idea when i continually rediscover it in different iterations and seasons...when i was looking for beautiful images of this idea, i stumbled upon my own post from early spring about this same notion, but with a decidedly springy, summery feel.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

wrapping in bold and brassy style

so yesterday, we talked about the cleanest, most classic papers i love from the container store for holiday wrapping, and today, i'm going in the other direction. as much as i love the festive and warm styling of yesterday's papers, i love the bold and brass of these too. i love how they engage some classic hints of christmas cheer, but they do it through a psychedelic, neon filter. do you love?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wrapping in clean and classic style

i know i've been atrociously bad about blogging recently, and it isn't that i haven't been thinking and dreaming about things to share - i have! i've just been pulled in many directions and my writing has fallen by the wayside for the last couple weeks.  i am promising here and now to be better. it's funny the things that move us to action, and in today's case, it's the simply beautiful wrapping papers at the container store. not that i've ever been a stranger to giftwrap porn.

first, i love the idea of mixing a few different striped papers. it's such a great way to be festive and add a little contained chaos, but in the most orderly of ways.


and i'm always a sucker for really clean, classic prints that are christmasy and festive in an old-timey way. with just the right combination of reds and greens and graphic christmas imagery, it's like the christmas fantasy i've always dreamed of (pay no attention to the latke grease on my apron).

i envision buying a few prints and wrapping all the gifts under the tree (read: menorah) in just those few papers. 

it's a fantasy, but an attainable one, don't you agree?
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