Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring is in the air (and on the table)

since we find ourselves at the beginning of prime tulip time (as evidenced by last week's tulip explosion here on honey living), i figure it's a great time to look at all the ways we can display them at home. below are some tailored, tapered looks - some are even getting the high-style treatment with unique ways of tying them and even full submersion! edgy for sweet old tulips, don't you think? the nice part is that even in these most fashion-forward contortions, you could kind of see being able to do it yourself. and you kind of could - just follow the pictures and don't be afraid to experiment.

the really special thing about tulips is that they look just as good droopy and freestyle...and the more you use, the better they look. and they look good in any vessel so there's no need to worry about the right vase.

tulips are so emblematic of spring, that with just a bowl, vase or vintage pitcher of tulips and some candles, you have a simple and elegant centerpiece for a casual dinner at home or a spring wedding in all its glory.
using seasonal spring flowers like tulips in especially wedding decor is such a pleasure because they tend to be affordable (no need to ship them in from far-off locales), they underscore the natural beauty and life of the season, and most of all, they work with the wedding's time and place, rather than against it.

and as such, what a treat to have a perennial reminder of your wedding day each time spring rolls around and the tulips come out. how personal and universal all at once.


jackie fo said...

so pretty ... makes me want to buy 4,0000 tulips for my house :)

justk8 said...

those purple ones are to die for!!! and i love that sweet little pitcher they are in too. such great images! honeyliving rocks!

Maria said...

couldn't agree more.

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