Monday, March 1, 2010

mod love

i could try and find words to explain all the reasons i love this washington state house. but really, why? just look at it.

although i personally think the furnishings and decor could use some warmth and variation on style, the architecture and materials of this house are, to me, a dream. the footprint is still original from the 1950's and was redesigned by bohlin cywinski jackson to relate to its natural surroundings and i think it does that in the most stunning ways.

i'll tell you this - i am a sucker for house designs that blend concrete and stone and glass and teak and fir. gets me every time.

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molly said...

WOW! Seems like a more contemporary cousin to frank lloyd wright's "falling water"-one of the most magical places i've ever visited:

jackie fo said...

way cool... i agree... would not want to live there but i could stay there for a week... or a month...

COCOandEMMA said...

i could move right in. LOVE it.

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