Tuesday, March 16, 2010

stuff to strut about

is this antique peacock mirror not stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks amazing? OMG i am in love. i just...i can't even. it is just incredible looking.

i actually find that i'm drawn to peacock-inspired things recently...who knew? it's not like i have a peacock thing...at least not until now. it's something about those greens and blues, as evidenced by the bedding i was swooning over last week.
i definitely love this tufted peacock dining chair from pier 1, particularly the way the back is a different print (reminiscent of another lovely chair).

and i love this peacock feather wreath - kind of crazy old lady (or drag queen) in a way, but i think it would look pretty in a closet or dressing space, or on a table with a big, showy floral or greens arrangment in a vase in the center. ooooh, love that idea.

and how about these peacock feather placemats i spied on ebay? a little creepy? maybe, but definitely high-style too...for a vegetarian meal. a vegetarian meal without eggs. okay, maybe we just look at this one.

update 3/17/10: friend and reader kelly found this honeycomb mirror from pier 1 which is very similar in style to wisteria's peacock mirror...and a fraction of the price! thanks kelly!

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Kelly said...

Been eyeing those chairs...something about the back bothers me though. I think it's because I love the front print so much, i want it to go all the way around... I've been eyeing wisteria's mirrors forever, as you know. So pretty!

Porchlight Interiors said...

These mirrors are amazing...such a unique look! Tracey xx

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