Thursday, March 25, 2010

heading for hong kong

while we're on the subject of mani/pedis (and when are we not?), what are your thoughts about opi's hong kong collection for spring? thanks to vampy varnish, i have some on-the-nail pics to show you.

for one thing, i'll say that seeing all the colors together definitely gives me a hong kong vibe, though a few of them (like jade is the new black and suzi says feng shui) i have a hard time picturing ever wearing. but that's totally just me, because i love these colors on other people.

i've seen good things written about both the pinky shades - panda-monium pink and lucky lucky lavender...

and i've heard great user-reviews of meet me on the star ferry and chop-sticking to my story (which looks way different on the nail than in the bottle - below, it's second and above, it's bottom row, third from right...what's up with that?).

i love the way a good man-darin is hard to find looks, as well as dim sum plum and red my fortune cookie - perfect, creamy, opaque brights...they remind me of tropical punch, one of my favorites last summer.

though it's not a color i'd normally try, i'm kind of interested in bling dynasty, mainly because of how it looks on the nail. there's something sort of cleopatra-meets-ming that i sort of love.

but i don't feel that way about pearl of wisdom which just seems so sheer and boring. though maybe for summer, it would be a low-maintenance way to add a little glam...

what are your thoughts?

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