Friday, March 19, 2010

happy weekend!

i hope whatever your weekend plans are, you'll be able to include some pure enjoyment with the true arrival of spring in most places (except the rockies...what do you mean SNOW?). i'm looking forward to trying to make a little place for myself on my new might remember what a haven my old balcony was, and i really do miss it. but it's a new season, full of possibilities and a new outdoor space to create and love.

we're starting our weekend with dinner at this restaurant with mitchell's aunt and uncle, so we'll be in good company. (and the restaurant doesn't look bad either).

i'm looking forward to a manicure and am debating between going light (sheer petal, to be exact) or dark with an OPI color like my private jet, which is a dark, glittery charcoal. my inspiration is this picture of khloe kardashian...hers is this deborah lippmann color, but my private jet might do the trick. do you think if i splurged for the $16 lippmann color, khloe's bling would come with it? what are your mani plans?

and while we're on the idea of dark...check out these beautiful pictures from an all black and white wedding...not sure i'd go that way, but it sure is gorgeous to look at.

i also encourage you to read this insightful, thoughtful post from one of my favorite blogs, concrete magnolia, about the wonder of blogs and the internet, as an addition to the magazines we all love so much. she's just such a lovely writer and i think you'd really enjoy her style.

since i already linked you to a song this morning, let's switch gears...check out this amazing youtube video of the creation of a totally incredible the shape of a dog. and it looks like a real dog, i tell you. the baker is elisa strauss of confetti cakes, and her work is highly regarded and pretty special to see. (she actually went to my high school and was a senior when i was a freshman, so i feel hometown pride for her too).

seriously, take a look around her website and marvel at it the fact that these are CAKES and not really a platter of sushi, a hat on top of a hatbox, or a toy train.

see this lobster? CAKE.

have a sweet weekend, and i'll see you back here on monday.

khloe photo from, wedding photo from www.sty;, cake pictures from


jackie fo said...

I have been to Lure Fish bar one of the last few times I have been up to NYC! Is it bad that I remember the dessert and not the fish?! I mean everything was really good, but they had these mini ice cream sandwich cookie things that were wonderful. Hope you enjoyed :)

traci zeller designs said...

My favorite color is My Private Jet!! Not switching to light just yet!

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