Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the prettiest plate

i love this dainty set of painted plates i saw on absolutely beautiful things last week. they're from vintage by lou lou's shop on ebay and they've been sold, but i think they're worth noting anyway - such a good example of a great antique find that could be used to such lovely effect in a bathroom, on a vanity or a nightstand for rings, clips, even change. they'd also make a really special gift, tied up beautifully in cellophane and ribbon or wrapped in pretty tissue paper. what a unique and delicate gift to give or receive, don't you think?

these are the kind of things that fill antique shops, tag sales and rummage boxes, and can really brighten a little space and make it special. most of us probably have stuff like this, or odds and ends just as pretty, laying around!

do you have a small but pretty piece that makes a little space of yours just so?

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