Friday, March 26, 2010

happy weekend!

what do you have planned this weekend, lovely readers?

we'll be celebrating the first birthday of a smiley little girl whose parents we knew when they were kids themselves -- well, mitchell knew her mommy and daddy when they were 14 years old...and now they have two kids. it still feels magical to me, even as we approach a time where lots of our friends have children.

for her present, i'm making a stop at one of my favorite childrens' gift places - little miss matched. do you know about it? so adorable - and all about not being too matchy, which i love. in addition to other cute clothes and accessories, they sell socks in "pairs" of three - each with a different design so they can be mixed and matched. one of my favorite items is their set of 9 which yields 36 combinations!
i'm particularly excited because getting to said birthday party requires passing an west elm store, which i have not yet inspected in the flesh. so there's that too, and we will be leaving with extra time for that. i can't wait to see certain things in person, like this, this and this. oh, and these lights too.

how gorg would this glass link chandelier (above) look over a really rustic farmhouse table like these?


okay that's enough day dreaming for one day. see you back here on monday!

flower photo from, socks photos from, light photos from, table photos from

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Kelly said...

OMG I can't believe you've never been to a West Elm store - I'm jealous that you have that experience to look forward to - give yourself LOTS of time. My local West Elm store just closed. Sad Day. They sent out an email that everything was 40% off. I went that evening and everything was GONE. It was like the store never existed...LOL.

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