Tuesday, March 23, 2010

well spun

wedding season is coming, so i have to share this incredible company with you, well spun weddings. they will shoot video of a wedding, or they will work with video already shot and then they edit it into a one-song or three-song wedding film, or a longer documentary style version.

that alone is not original, but it's the style they use that is just transporting. their films evoke a vintage-style, intimate portrait of a wedding day, and they capture a feeling i've only ever experienced before watching time-worn, generations-old film...long before the slick stylings of typical wedding videos were ever born.

to me, a wedding film like this is a worthy investment for a bride and groom, or would make a beautiful, generous gift (even for an anniversary!) the facial expressions and moments captured are priceless, and they're not the kind that ever make their way into a traditional wedding video because they're slow and they reveal themselves subtly. and that's to say that they most perfectly capture the emotions felt on that special day - by the bride and groom, but also by their parents, their friends, and their children. those are the moments most precious, and most glowing in well spun's films.

take a few moments when you can relax and browse through the gallery of films. there are six of them, and they each display a different style wedding with different (excellent) song choices and i think you'll love them all.

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