Wednesday, February 3, 2010

bowled over

sometimes a nice, sculptural bowl on a tabletop is just the thing, isn't it?

for a coffee table, a dining table, sideboard, even a key table...they always look so chic and sophisticated, and are great as gifts too.

i think my favorite right now is the surevolution flower bowl from pottery barn above, which you might recognize from the honey gift files. and it's on sale right now! of course, not just any bowl will do. but all of these would work just fine.

i love this, the oleander bowl from crate and barrel.

and this one from italian designer, alessi.

and how's this for original? they're "war bowls" made by designer dominic wilcox and available for purchase online here.

he makes the white "english civil war" version and the blue "battle of waterloo" version.

how's that for a collector's item?

all photos from linked sites.

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