Thursday, March 11, 2010

come on in!

much the same way we talked about entryways being the welcome hug of a home, a pretty doormat can be an even earlier indicator of happiness and warmth inside - like the smile that precedes the hug.

i spotted ours, below, at the christmas tree shop long before spring was in the air, but the happy green, pink and red color combo grabbed me, so i bought it and squirrelled it away until now.

with similarly vibrant and saturated colors, i love the estrella doormat and the sunflower doormat, both from pier 1.

the nice thing about using fun colors in the form of a doormat is that in most cases, you don't have to consider the overall color palette of the room because there is no's a standalone item so you can play around with colors you might not be ready to try inside the house or that you fear would be too far from what you're already working with.

wouldn't these two options be just spot-on for a beach house?

and i love the unmistakably springy feeling of the sparrow, butterfly and nest doormats from pottery barn.

and i feel like, especially in spring, you can never go wrong with a fresh green color palette - goes with any flower, any outdoor accessories, and totally conveys the brightness of a new season filled with life and growth.

the best thing about doormats is that you can have as many as you have doors! they're such an easy way to spruce up front and back doors, kitchen doors, deck and patio doors, etc. and you can try a different look with each one. love!

estrella and sunflower mats from, welcome, come again mat, sparrow, nest and butterfly mats from, large mum, fish, and multi-colored stripe mats from, green leaves mat from, green birds, green filigree, green stripe and brown, green and turquoise flower trellis (below large mum mat) from smith & hawken for target, remainder from

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Maria said...

I love these door mats, however, I found my coir fiber mat to be quite annoying. The fibers came off when i wiped my feet on it, and come into the house with me. Eventually ending up all over the kitchen. When it rained, it was even worse. I had a mat on the inside of the house to try and wipe the fibers off my shoes and that helped a little but I eventually got rid of the mat. Anyone else have this problem? Or was it my mat in particular?

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