Thursday, March 11, 2010

a golden calm

i love how relaxed and comfortable this bride looks. i'm particularly charmed by the confident way she wears a few necklaces -- none perfectly positioned or matching -- on her wedding day. she embodies all that her hairstyle suggests - sophisticated, graceful, no nonsense. she's a picture of easy elegance at its best, don't you think?


justk8 said...

what a pretty bride. i also like how she looks like a fancier version of herself, but not like a totally different person (which i think people can become with too much making-over). btw i love the trend of piling on necklaces too! gives me an excuse to wear 'em all at once.

Anonymous said...

The bride described above, does look happy, but what is with the Chris Kattan look alike for a Groom. Anyway I love the post.

Maria said...

Totally agree, with justk8, I love how the bride looks like a fancier version of herself. I want the man I'm marrying to look at me at the alter and see ME...just dressed up. I dont wear a lot of makeup and will probably do my own on my wedding day.

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