Wednesday, March 31, 2010

dry your tears

i think my kitchen life is about to be changed. and yours too, if onions make you cry. thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, jackie fo. i give you onion goggles. seriously? best. idea. ever.

i'm not going to lie, though...i will first try my very own aviators to see how that works out - i feel like if they hug your face enough, it could work...

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Kelly said...

They say if you cut an onion near an open flame (i.e. the burner on the stove) it does something to dissipate the fumes that make you cry. I don't know if this really works or not. I do know though that when you cut the core that's when it releases the fumes. So I try to get both halves prepped and at the ready to be diced, then do it as quickly as possible. These glasses are a great idea and something I would try if they worked!

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