Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sweet lips

so do you know about this "sweets steals" deal at sephora? it's a weekly promotion they run where they feature a different product each week for $10 or less - amazing, since i scored a lipfusion color shine for $10 when it's supposed to be $38! they're only featuring one color which is called bare, but honestly, i think it's the color i'd choose and i have a feeling it will look good on everyone.

for some reason, most of the lip color i love comes in little pots (annoying), like this sephora favorite of mine, so i'm thrilled that the lipfusion has a wand and doesn't get all over my hands and everything i touch. it's shiny but not sticky, plumping but not spicy or stinging...and it's a really lovely neutral color - it almost looks like your own lip color but with shine...but a little prettier than that :)

see you every single week of my life from now on, sephora. and thank you! run and get one! i'm told they ALWAYS sell out before friday. click here to find your local sephora store.

photo from www.sephora.com

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jackie fo said...

Had a question about your fabulous blog, sent you an email this morning to carla@honeyliving!

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