Monday, January 4, 2010

thoughts for 2010

happy new year everyone. 2010 is upon us. it's time to put away the holiday accoutrements and make room for all the possibilities that a new year will bring. on one hand, i always feel like the notion of new year's resolutions is a little contrived, since meaningful change and reflection can happen any time of year. but really, it just makes good sense, so why fight it?

here are a few of the things i've been thinking about, and i'm happy for the opportunity to get them down in black and white (or hot pink and white, as it were).

an apple a day - did you ever see the commercial for nutri-grain bars where they very handily show how the way you start your morning food-wise sets the tone for all the choices you make for the rest of the day? this makes so much sense to me, and i've started to experiment with different ways of starting off the day right - i am committed to starting off with breakfast before i leave the house accompanied by a gigantic glass of water, and fruit and vegetable snacks throughout the day. i figure if i have these healthy (and tasty) reminders every couple hours, it will help me stay on the good path.

positive impact - this has been a personal mantra for a while, but i'm planning on taking it to new levels in this new year - my personal commitment to try and have only a positive impact on everything i touch. the applications of this goal run the gamut from actual environmental concerns like leaving a train seat as litter-free as i found it (or moreso), or using only cloth napkins at home (new goal for 2010) to more interpersonal scenarios or charitable pursuits. i want to be secure in the notion that i am bringing only good into the world, and that i treat every person whose path i cross with kindness and compassion. the world is a better place for those people and for me when i know i'm doing that - it restores my own faith in people and goodness, and it acts as an emotional air purifier, cleansing the air i'm breathing.

soul food - the other thing i am enacting this year - starting this very week - is at least one coffee date each week with a friend, new or old. there are people i always "mean" to meet up with, but schedules get busy and plans get postponed, and it is often my own fault. this year, i am going to make sure that each week, i get out of my office and have a stroll or a coffee or tea with someone i like. i know that these kind of interactions feed my soul, and develop my inner strength and the core of who i am. it's unacceptable not to do it and i know i will be a better person for it.

what are you thinking about for 2010? want to put it down in hot pink and white? tell me!

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I am Stacey... said...

I like the "soul food" idea. I'm just like you - there are always so many people that I've been meaning to catch up with for months, and then I procrastinate, and we end up not talking for a year. I need to be better about setting up friend dates!

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