Monday, March 22, 2010

do not disturb

one of my readers forever changed the way i look at bathrooms (thank you ester!) by telling me something her grandmother said - that bathrooms should be beautiful because people are in there alone. isn't that such a nice sentiment? it's so true - it's one of the only places you are utterly alone, hearing and seeing things that surround only you at that very moment. it's so intimate, and yet it's an easy place to overlook when decorating a home.

i love seeing interesting light fixtures, mirrors and art in bathrooms - why not, right? and of course, flowers! these are details that anyone can do - you don't need a new bathroom or a renovation, or even much of a budget. taking things from other spots in your home and incorporating them into your bath's decor could bring a whole new life to the space.

for so many of us, our bathrooms are where we begin and end our days in so many ways...they should be gorgeous!

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Simply Luxurious said...

I love Ester's comment and I have to agree. I recently remodeled my tiny 5x7 bathroom. Initially I debated on doing the kitchen first, but I start everyday in the bathroom. I build my confidence (the outer appearance of confidence) in this room, so the bathroom received the facelift and I don't regret this decision.
Beautiful photos, lovely post.

jackie fo said...

Great pictures!!

Kate P said...

I love the idea of having a bathroom that totally contrasts with the style of the rest of the house. I always loved the scene in "The Shining" where they go from that very traditional hotel to the ultra modern, bright red bathroom. It is definitely a surprise.

honey living said...

such a good point kate - because it's a standalone space, a bathroom is a total opportunity to try out something different.

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