Wednesday, March 24, 2010

pour me

i love the idea of a simple water carafe for the bedside. it can also be such a nice touch in a guest room, a bathroom, an office, even to have by your side as you relax through the evening. it's easy to get into using and reusing crunchy, noisy, cheap plastic water bottles, but carafes are such a greener and more elegant option.

these are some of my favorites from pottery barn (above), and pier 1 (both below). starting at $7, they're a luxury worth splurging on, don't you think?

photos from linked sites


Simply Luxurious said...

These are great! I've never seen them before, but the idea of not using plastic bottles, perfect.

justk8 said...

i am embarrased to admit i usually have a mcdonald's cup for my "night water" maybe i need to step it up a notch in this area!

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