Tuesday, March 9, 2010

looking good for oscar

the most touching thing to me about the oscars was mo'nique's tribute to hattie mcdaniel, the first african american to win an academy award (watch hattie's touching acceptance speech here).

mo'nique wore a blue dress and a gardenia in her hair to honor ms. mcdaniel, who wore a blue dress and a gardenia in her hair when she accepted her oscar in 1940. the whole thing gave me chills. and i love that two of the other precious ladies donned blue as well.

i love that their fashion choices had an added level of meaning that so superceded everything else.

and now onto the less meaningful... also on a blue note, i really liked maggie gyllenhaal's dress - different, sophisticated and perfectly tailored.

loved mariska's dress - she always just looks so gorg, doesn't she? the ruched and ruffled parts take this dress in a slightly unexpected direction which i really love. i would LOVE it in cream or bisque, or even blush as a wedding gown.

and speaking of ruffles, demi moore looked stupidly-gorgeous, as usual, but i do wish the bottom of the dress were less ruffly. a mermaid or straight bottom would have sealed the deal for me.

cameron diaz who pretty much always looks good...looked good. loved her dress - so oscarworthy, it just looks like what you'd expect for an oscar dress, doesn't it?

but i actually liked her party dress better on her - looks much more her.

my absolute most favorite look of the night was sigourney weaver, whose look i found to be mysteriously unnoticed by the paps. she looked so age-appropriate and radiant!

who were your favorites?

top photo from www.afrocityblog.files.wordpress.com, cameron party dress from www.elementsofstyleblog.com, all other photos from http://www.usmagazine.com/

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