Monday, March 8, 2010

a show of hands

i really, really, really love the idea of handprint canvases, especially for a growing family. i really adore the idea of having artwork in a home that's of, by and for the family who lives there.

there are so many ways you could use these - each family member or child could do one square, the same child could do a square every five years to colorfully display their growth, two kids could do hands and feet, etc. you get the idea.

for a smallish kids' birthday party, you could even have each kid design a square at the party and bring it home as their favor. (could do it for adults too, actually!) and i love it as a gift when a new baby is born - it's a perfect project for a big brother or sister to do with their new attention-stealer - i mean baby.

the set from wisteria has of burlap canvases, while red envelope's set comes in either the colorful canvases shown here, or in white. all options come with a set of non-toxic paints as shown in these pictures (the white canvas set comes with paints in black, red, blue, green and yellow).

i like both sets, depending on where you'd hang them and the colors surrounding them. playrooms, bedrooms, beach houses, hallways, bathrooms...they'd be a pleaser almost anywhere.

for a more freestyle option, wisteria has a large-scale version which could make a very cool wall hanging in a kids' room, a playroom or even in the rest of the house.

such fun, right?

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