Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tiny treasures...fleeced!

i was beyond thrilled to find these polarvide throws at ikea for $3.99 each. not only are they dreamily soft and fleecy, but they are huge! at 51"x67", they're really more blankets than throws, and i got two of them in white, which are currently in use in my living room, whitening the whole room like i wanted, draped on chairs. i can't wait to curl up with one while a fire keeps the house warm - so roomy and warm - perfect for fall and winter.

these seriously look like they cost way more than they do and would look very at home (and luxurious, i might add) in any room -- draped over a chair, in use as a blanket or neatly folded on an ottoman. having more than one packs an even greater punch and pulls a room together in an understated but coordinated way.

in addition to white (which is really in between white and off-white), they come in black, a deep royal blue, red and a lemongrassy green, so they can be a great and very inexpensive way to add a punch of color to a room or reiterate a color, like i'm doing with the white. another thought i had - if you have a seat cushion you wanted to recover, this would be great "fabric" to do it with.

the polarvides are found near the fabric by the yard, another happy new addition to ikea.

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Erin said...

I didn't realize how big these were...definitely going to have to pick one up!

James said...

new addition? fabric by the yard? been there 20 years.

honey living said...

James - you're kidding! i have LITERALLY never seen it there before. well i guess it's just new to me then!

Maria said...

so going to get one or two. i need to replace the strangely coral colored throw that I'm using that is just not quite big enough. it was a gift, but it needs to go. thanks!

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