Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the long and short of it

the biggest thing i learned about myself while planning my wedding two years ago was that i change my mind a lot. not about everything (like the groom), but about many small details. one of those details was my dress. since it was custom-made, there were a few stages, the first being a brainstorm and sketch a few months before the work began. and thank god for that, because i totally changed my mind about what i wanted. while there was a part of me that wanted lace or ruffles or something else very "bridal," there was a bigger part of me that wanted simple and comfortable and not decidedly bridal.

for those who can relate, a convertible wedding dress is a great idea. it's formal and traditional and tres bridal for as long as you want it to be...

natural bridal "janine" - (back is shown above)

and then party time! probably after dinner is prime time to make the switch. (which is right about the time i should have removed my veil which refused to stay on).

each of the dresses here, from atlanta designer morgan boszilkov on etsy, successfully looks like two complete dresses - in both cases (above and below), the shorter version doesn't look like it's missing something - they're their own thing, and really fun, party dress kind of things at that.

natural bridal "kathleen":

morgan's company is called natural bridal, and her dresses are made to order for each bride from all sustainable and responsible materials.

(love the princess di style on the bottom):

i really love both of these dresses - they are simple and feminine without being fussy. and they don't look like anything about them is designed so that they can be two dresses, which i love. and the blair waldorf-ness of the short versions isn't lost on me either.

"kathleen" short:

i'm a huge fan of this idea. i think it's a great way to satisfy the parts of a bride that want to be traditional and fairy tale-ish, while also being true to her own style and able to dance the night away - each bride hopefully gets to do it only once.

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Maria said...

So cute!! Love Love Love the last one.

Culture Snob (Nina S) said...

Dear Honey Living, thanks for the great link!

I like the second dress much more as a long dress. But yet, I like the first one much more as a shorter dress (the second one when shortened is just too short for me!).

These are lovely and when shortened, can make adorable party dresses. But I'm not sure about homecoming or prom dresses!

Although that first one when shortened is absolutely adorable. It's actually really tempting!

I'm going to follow your blog! It seems like we have a lot of the same things going on. So I can link to your blog more easily.

(Blogging is about networking, too.... and connecting blogs to eachother. I'll link to yours every so often)

Do you like J. Crew?

And what's your style for everything? Do you like sophisticated simplicity? That's me! =)

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