Thursday, January 28, 2010

mark the spot

you know how sometimes a gift's presentation is almost as great as the gift itself (and sometimes better)? and you know how grandmothers the world over like to save the pretty ribbons and paper? well although i'm not exactly stockpiling used giftwrap, i do understand the sentiment and am happy that i've arrived at a good solution.

i've started using giftcard holders and pretty little cards that i love too much to get rid of as bookmarks. this means i get to save them (grandmothers everywhere are happy), i get to look at them all the time, and i've created a second (and indefinite) life for a piece of otherwise used and wasted paper.

i loved the cream-on-cream flocked giftcard holder from starbucks and am now enjoying it each morning as i read on the train. and i've gotten a few greeting cards that make me smile too, and this is just the perfect use.
call me crazy, but having a little plan like this is a settling feeling to me. it makes me happy that i feel i can hold on to little things like this guilt-free.

and i was know how they have bookmarks like these with charms dangling off them? you could even do that yourself with single earrings, charms or beads glued on to a pretty card or ribbon.

what pretty little things do you have that you've found special uses for?

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