Thursday, May 6, 2010

street smarts

what is the best travel tip you have? in all the reading i've done recently on travel preparing for my trip, i've come across some really good pieces of advice.

1. assume you'll be back.

this makes so much sense to me. although the opposite might be the more natural assumption and the inclination would be to pack it all in, the truth is that there's no possible way to see and do it all, so why stress it? i like the idea of managing the best we can with the amount of time we're in paris, and doing it at the pace we want to live at for the week. where's the enjoyment in desperately trying to see and do it all?

2. there is no "real" paris [insert any destination here]. it's different things to different people, and you will find your own preferences and what resonates most to you.

i love this thought. it can be easy to fall into the mental trap of hunting for the "true" experience of a place and missing out on it because you're looking too hard! every place is many things to many people, and i think it's a waste of time worrying about what's authentic and what's for show or for tourists.

what are some good tips you keep in mind when traveling?

photo from une femme d'un certain age


Debra Brandwein said...

OK I agree - but I still need to hear accordians playing in the background while we're in Paris.

bloomie said...

I'm the opposite. I go with the mentality that I won't be back so I'll allow myself to spend any sort of money on an "experience." Prices that I would hesitate over at home - a $25 entrance fee or a $100 helicopter ride to the glacier I go for. I'll skimp on other things but never the experience.

Oh and pack an eyemask for the flight.

Maria said...

I say, if you see something you like, buy it (within reason of course). I tend to talk myself out of buying things. There are things that I saw on my last vacation that I still think about and wish I bought.

Quizzie said...

Keep an open mind. You've never been there before, and there will be things to do and stuff to see that you might not have thought you would be interested in. Oh, and listen to the locals!

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