Thursday, April 1, 2010

basket case

i'm so happy that spring and summer are on their way for a million reasons and here is one of them: when done right, spring and summer are filled with the kind of rambling days that lead to laid back nights spent outside where meals and gatherings are as simple as they come. in that spirit, i'm loving all these baskety-type things from crate and barrel, but the real pleasure is mixing and matching old and new, dark and light.

the artesia two-tier server is the perfect unfussy caddy and buffet.

and the artesia four-part serving basket is great for napkins, chips, bread and other odds and ends. a few of the wine coasters for bottles and glasses too, and you're set. you know, in a relaxed sort of way.

what's nice about wovens, like woods, is that you can really create nice, relaxed looks with different shades and weaves. they don't have to match. while i like the idea of having a foundation of matching pieces like the artesia collection, i more than like the idea of rotating in pieces that mix it up. what fun is a really relaxed spring or summer table with all prim and proper matchyness?

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jackie fo said...

Totally agree, eating outside and lounging at night in the summer is one of my favorite parts of the year!

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