Friday, January 8, 2010

a welcome hug

good morning everyone. it's serendipitous that it's snowing here in new york this morning, because it provides a nice foundation for what's on my mind. though i do love the paint color we chose for our living/dining room (benjamin moore wrought iron), the whole downstairs is feeling very cold. i think it's partly because it's the first place we've lived without a fireplace and it's so cold these days, but it's also the cooler colors. i'm used to warm-feeling rooms, and i've been missing it.

so i'm seeing the entryway, which is a nice, proper entryway and very much its own space, as a canvas for warming it all up. after all, entryways are the first thing you see when you come home or come to visit and should be like a comforting hug. here it is now below (there's more of it to the right) - as you can see, it's in need of color and soul. i've been saving some entryway pictures for a while as inspiration, and the project starts this weekend! hopefully i'll have a nice update for you next week.

i love love love the top photo, designed by heather clawson of habitually chic, and she has also written a terrific post about entryways that i definitely encourage you to read. i'm seriously loving the paint color in her design, which is benjamin moore middlebury brown. to me, it's the perfect taupe, which can be a hard color to get right. i also love the way it looks with the robin's egg blue mat on the framed picture hanging.

the above is from windsor smith's self-designed home (love her) and is so regal and dressy, but not too intentional-looking. i love how the placement of the table and the picture hanging above establishes a defined space out of what could have been just a wall passed by without any notice. could totally be a perfect entryway, right? i thought so. until i learned this was just in her master bath and saw her real entryway.

YEAH. i don't really know what to say about that. it probably says it all that there's an aerial view of her foyer.

back here on earth, i definitely love the idea of having a nice receptable for umbrellas, as martha shows above, and i love the idea of using one of these wellie vases designed by maxim velcovsky and available through koo de kir for that function. it would be a fun play on a rainboot and umbrella, perfectly at home in an entryway that often houses boots not in use.

in the two photos immediately below from lucyina moodie and jonathan adler, respectively, i enjoy how substantial staircases function as a wall in the entry, adding architecture and a certain sense of order to the space. again, examples of making what could have been neglected walkways into places with some pomp and circumstance.

i very much want our entryway to be a warm, cozy sleeve that envelops you as you enter the home. i don't want it to be cluttered, per se, but not sparse either. it's that pitch perfect balance i'm looking for - a sense of arrival, some visual interest, and function to boot. maybe even a porcelain wellie boot...
all non-original photos from linked sites


Queenplinker said...

Just discovered your blog today, it's wonderful. I'm hopeful that some of your style will wear off on me ;0)
Nice to meet you, Lynea

maison21 said...

entryways truly set the tone for what's to come! nice post!

Habitually Chic said...

So nice to know that my design has inspired you! Can't wait to see your finished entry!

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