Friday, February 26, 2010

happy weekend!

so happy it's friday, aren't you?

here are some great clicks for this cold, cold day. and even if you're not in a cold, snowy place, click around.

check out this incredible apartment building in downtown manhattan.

have you seen this coca cola commercial during the olympics? made me all teary-eyed, and made me feel good about all those years i consumed diet coke by the fluid ton.

and while we're on that song...if you, like me, were profoundly moved by the end of the six feet under finale (and by profoundly moved, i mean i just sobbed like a baby watching it on youtube), then revisit it here, if you can handle it.

are you okay? i'm recovering.

this is a really interesting article about walmart and organic produce. who knew? for a shortcut to the main ideas, watch the embedded video. and if you can, please tell me why corby kummer pronouces it "praaaaaahduce." generally, i love the idea that healthy and fresh foods are being made available to so many people that have been without it before.

and speaking of the retail behemoth, have you shopped or browsed walmart's new foray into the trendy style market? it's called hometrends, and items start at $11. i, for one, am loving the zebra runner, below. it's $39 and would probably be complete perfection for our entryway. i'd love to know what you think of the collection. take a look.
have a great weekend, and i'll see you on monday.

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Debra said...

Six Feet Under - oh my my my.....AWESOME!

youarewhatyoueatorreheat said...

i had no idea wally world had such cute decor items! well, now i've definitely got to check it out.

jackie fo said...

Hope you had a GREAT week!

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