Tuesday, February 9, 2010

funny face

during our week on fire island last summer, we cracked ourselves up repeatedly with a set of clip-on mustaches. it was quite hilarious, actually, particularly when someone would come into the room all serious-like .... "okay, we have to decide what we're doing tonight..." wearing a handlebar mustache. especially when that person was my mother.

so you can understand why i am attracted to these mustache mugs - how hilar? imagine having an argument with someone while sipping coffee from one of these mugs? instant comedy.

similarly, i think these hairstyle pillowcases are pretty funny.

when i first saw these on naturally nina, i wasn't entirely convinced of their hilariousness, but then i pictured mitchell sleeping on the one with a headband and bow and dissolved into weird laughter. so yeah, i think they're funny.

all photos from linked sites


Lillian Chang said...

Hahaha!! Wow, what adorable mugs!! And those pillows are funny too. I'd have a ridiculously fun time playing with those :)
Thanks for sharing!! This post literally made me laugh out loud :)

Aimee said...

Loving the cups and pillows!!!

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