Friday, February 12, 2010

happy weekend!

what do you have planned this weekend? we're going to continue to work on some of our little projects at home, and saturday night we're having a valentine's day dinner at barolo, a very special italian restaurant in soho. we were lucky enough to have a gift certificate to use there (thanks mom and dad!).

please take a second to "follow" me (link on right side under profile) and be sure you're a fan on facebook which is right above that. i just added the follow gadget and am hoping lots of you choose to use it! i love having you all as a community with all your comments and emails and suggestions.

and now for some fun...

have you seen this ridiculously adorable surprised kitty clip on youtube? you must.

and while you're there, check out this too cute for words little boy "singing" i'm yours.

are you lost on lost? or should i say is lost lost on you? i have been watching it for years, and have seriously never doubted my intelligence the way this show makes me doubt it. here is a really helpful, clever and even funny summation of seasons 1, 2 and 3 in 8 minutes and 15 seconds. 8:15, as in oceanic flight 815....aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

have you read the help? i just finished it and here is the only thing i can know how when you finish a book, you feel like you've lost a friend? i feel like i have lost three. read it.

are you baking something sweet for your friends, family or sweetheart for valentine's weekend? if you need some ideas, you should click over to bakerella for some great ones, or at the very least, some gorgeous and delicious photos. the design on the top cake in this picture was inspired by a pottery barn pillow! amazing. and look at this AMAZING cake from valentine's day last year! it's ALL cake!


and even if you didn't upload a photo in the contest to win a free rebecca minkoff bag, i have been given permission to give out the discount code you can use for 25% off selected styles. here is the link for shopping, and the code is tweetmybag. if i were in the market, i'd go with the dove grey and pink nikki. and you can still enter the contest through sunday!

and i have to share these pictures with you...they're of mykonos. i mean, REALLY. it seems other-worldly, given all the snow around these parts.

can't you just see hanging out here, all dressed in billowy white clothes?

now are you convinced?

i always like to think of what my dad's nice to think about the fact that even when it's cold and raining and the furthest thing from a vacation, these special places still exist. it's comforting to know, isn't it?

mykonos photos from, all others from linked sites

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Porchlight Interiors said...

some very delectable treats. I wold love to travel to Greece someday soon

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