Monday, February 1, 2010

give a little bit(e)

so you know how when someone brings magnolia or buttercup or (insert favorite bakery name here) to your office and you have to choose just one? and then there's the dance of people cutting them in half to taste more than one, and all that awkwardness? enter "baked by melissa," designed with exactly that conundrum in mind. with each cupcake only a little larger than a quarter, you can feel okay about tasting a few, and you'll be glad you did - they are delicious.

a couple weekends ago, my cousin (and honey living reader) becky brought these as dessert to a cousin game night and they were a hit! to me, the best were the tie dye and the peanut butter and jelly (right?) flavors - and all of them were perfectly moist and tasty.

what an adorable twist on cupcakes, don't you think? and they do weddings and other catering events too...what i've always loved about the cupcake-as-cake at weddings is that they're fun and non-committal as dessert. well these take that to the next level and are way more adorable looking. done in the colors of a wedding or shower, i think these are just the cutest. they're also totally adorable for little kids and are small enough that their consumption won't find kids bouncing off the walls (unless they're realllllly sensitive to sugar, in which case, stick to carrot sticks).

as a gauge for ordering, we were a crowd of 11 and becky brought a box of 2 dozen, which was perfect. in the name of honey living, i asked how much they were and was told $20, which i think is reasonable, considering it's what you'd most likely spend on any bakery purchase for that number of people.

baked by melissa has two locations, one in soho and a new one in union square, and orders of more than 100 cupcakes can be placed online.

how cute?
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