Thursday, February 18, 2010

drift away

i really love this table. have i mentioned that before? okay, just kidding, i know i have. but i really, really love it.

it's driftwood, and it's from crate and barrel. each one is unique. love that.

wouldn't it just be perfect next to a couch or an interesting chair? i could see it inside or out (covered, of course) at a beach house too. and in place of the glass top, you could even use a cool tray or a piece of slate if you wanted. ooooohhh....slate.

priority 1: beach house
priority 2: amazing driftwood table for said beach house (possibly with slate top)

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1 comment:

jackie fo said...

wow... that almost doesnt look like crate and barrel! would be PERFECT for a beach house.

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