Tuesday, February 16, 2010

home(goods) away from home

have you been to homegoods recently? omg. they are really doing it right at the moment. spring has sprung there and it's now at the point where you have to leave your wallet in the car. or at home, if you're me. or my mom. i stopped in over the weekend and everywhere i turned there were things i wanted VERY badly. a few i'm saving for some other posts, but i had to share a couple with you now.

i know many people are over the garden stool thing (though i don't include myself in that category, as i love them still), but even if you are, look at the one above! it's amazing looking, don't you think? can i have everything in that print please? i would love to see it in an otherwise muted outdoor space, as an occasional table turned plant stand turned extra seating. however you'd use it, it's simply stunning looking.

and look at this chair. you go, homegoods.

and i've been conducting a little experiment. remember when i told you a couple weeks ago about finally finding a dead ringer for this chair there? i've been checking regularly to see if they roll out another one from "the back" now that my mom bought the one we saw on the floor. i was interested to see if they create a little bit of that urgency we all feel, knowing that we only have that very moment to snap up our most recent obsession, as we feel the vultures circling to take it if we don't. nope. not a single one have they rolled out. see, this is why you need your wallet close by.

dangerous, i tell you. dangerous.

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