Thursday, February 4, 2010

morning by candlelight

you might remember a while ago i told you about a friend who showers and dresses by candlelight. i think she's on to something.

this morning was one of those mornings where you just feel like you CAN NOT. you know the feeling? and sort of by default, i didn't turn on the bathroom light right away. i opened the blinds to see the icy gray sky and snow-topped trees, and after turning the shower on, i decided to try the candlelight route. it was really, really nice.

i had the distinct feeling that although i could not control anything that happened on the outside of that bathroom door, i was in small, temporary, but complete control of that very moment.

i highly recommend you try it one morning soon.


jackie fo said...

I love candlelight! Your blog is great by the way, I can't remember how I found it, but I am glad I did!

honey living said...

thank you! i'm so glad you did too. and i just checked out your blog - love it! adding to blogroll.

naturally nina said...

you are right. i *love* this. thank you so much for stopping by my little blog today to share. i'm going to have to try this!

how inspiring.

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