Tuesday, February 23, 2010

liberty and the pursuit of target

yesterday, the lookbook for a new, very colorful target collection was released. in the now extensive line of designer collaborations target has undertaken, their work with liberty of london has been one of the most hotly anticipated.

liberty of london is a 134 year-old british company known for its florals and patterns, and recently featured in lines with kate moss for top shop, theory and sienna miller's twenty8twelve. home accents today says it well when they say that liberty has, over the years, become a "destination emporium for eclectic renderings of contemporary and traditional designs in fabrics, homegoods, furniture, accessories, gifts and apparel." amen to that.

the liberty and target line, in stores march 14th, will include tabletop, garden, home decor and furnishings, organization and mens' and womens' fashion. liberty will choose some of their favorite items to sell in their own stores as well.

the pieces in the collection are priced very fairly, in my opinion. from the information i've gathered (so far), the range is from $7 (gardening gloves) to $15 and $20 (ceramic canisters) to the highest priced item at $200 (the bike).

wouldn't it be a cute gift to give someone this pair of garden gloves and some seeds or bulbs, or something like this? such a cheerful way to welcome in the spring in color and style.

my favorite items are the black and white ones. oh, and the ones in the pink, purple and orange color scheme, especially the bedding. so pretty! i think we definitely need a couple of these floral pillows for our bed, which is dressed in the finnia hothouse bedding from anthro, shown here. would look great, don't you think?

i also really love the canisters and the teapot. and the organization boxes - so cute in an office! and rumor has it, there will be birdhouses too, which is really exciting. hopefully they'll work out better than my birdhouse last year. okay, i guess i like a lot of the collection.

i really think target and liberty of london did a great job of choosing items which are affordable and easy to incorporate into any home - the piggy banks, coffee mugs and some other items which we'll see in the coming weeks are small enough to add hits of color and pop to any space without dominating the decor or requiring an about-face in terms of style.

what do you think? what are your thoughts on target's designer collaborations?

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  • top photo from http://www.abloomsburylife.blogspot.com/, other photos from http://blogs.glam.com/glamnest and http://www.weebirdy.com


    Anonymous said...

    This is an interesting collaboration - I would not have put together Target with the Liberty brand.

    I have a good friend who worked for Liberty and they have a very distinct brand "aura" and I'm not sure their typical customer would really go for something related to Target - but the collection is very colorful!

    honey living said...

    i think because stateside, people are less aware of liberty of london, it might do well just on its own.

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