Thursday, February 11, 2010

all keyed up

wouldn't you love to have this house key if you were moving into a new place or starting a co-habitation with someone special? i love it. it's one of those objects that's the epitome of "it is what it is." so simple, so sweet, so literal.

the stat key company makes several designs and i think they're just the sweetest! oooh, maybe if you're getting serious with someone, a heart-shaped key to your place is just the thing, for valentine's day especially!

i love something like these keys, because they turn the most mundane of things in our daily lives into a special event all its own.

they even have a custom key design option! you can place your order or inquiry here.

note: these keys only work with kwikset locks, but the website shows you what those look like (they're fairly standard).

heart and knight photo from, all other photos from

1 comment:

Hali Bey said...

I am buying one of these. STAT. Quick> Pront.

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