Tuesday, February 23, 2010

lazy days

am i the last person on the planet to become aware of the "lazy spoon?" i saw rachael ray using them on her show and thought they were very cool, and probably a good solution to a consistently dirty spoonrest (or stovetop when the spoonrest isn't handy).

hers were made of plastic and had notches which allowed them to hook onto the edge of pots and pans and rest there until needed.

so of course i googled, and of course like a true branding machine, rachael has the products in her cookware line, easily found at kohl's, amazon and the rachael ray online store, and available in orange, lime green and blue.

if wood is more your thing, a company called jonathan's spoons makes an assortment of wood varieties.

necessary? certainly not. cool? very.

photos from www.amazon.com, www.woodspoon.com

1 comment:

Lillian Chang said...

Ooh, I hadn't heard of these either! But what a great idea...I definitely need one...:)

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