Wednesday, February 17, 2010

posh papers

aren't these crossword and sudoku books the prettiest?

i "hinted" that i wanted one for valentine's day (and by "hinted," i mean "flat out said") and i very happily got one! the company, posh, also puts out word search, logic and brain games editions, all just as pretty as the next.

mitchell got me the crossword book with the amazing floral print below which i'd like to upholster my whole life in. what's so nice is that these books are such a stylish, neat way to keep busy, and they slide easily and compactly into your bag. because of how colorful and pretty they are, they're like an accessory all on their own.
and of course when all the puzzles are done, i'll have the prettiest bookmarks in the world.

non-original photos from


M.E. said...

I'm really pretty sure that the cover on the one you got comes from a really easy-to-find Alexander Henry fabric called "Mocca."

(Not affiliated with the site or the fabric company; I came over here from Apartment Therapy.)

honey living said...

thanks so much M.E.! I've been meaning to thank you...posting this tomorrow!

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