Monday, February 1, 2010

get in it to win it

here are two random facts:

fact # 1: i love rebecca minkoff handbags. i love how most of them involve studs and leather, and yet they're unapologetically girly.

they come in many shapes and sizes, all intensely wearable and pretty.

fact # 2: i have a friend (you know who you are c.b.) that enters every contest and raffle, and when i tell you she wins, SHE WINS.

she's won international trips, expensive electronics and cold, hard cash. her experience has changed my perspective on entering things.

here's why these two facts aren't so random after all...


Rebecca Minkoff and TweetMyBag, Together for Valentine's Day
February 1st. New York, New York.

Designer Rebecca Minkoff is pairing up with the picture-sharing site for social fashionistas, TweetMyStyle, to launch TweetMyBag. For a two-week period leading up to and ending on February 14, visitors who upload a pic of themselves with any handbag will receive a special discount code of 25% on certain Minkoff styles as well as be entered into the TweetMyBag style contest. The award for best bag look (one per week) will be judged by Rebecca, with winners receiving a free Rebecca Minkoff handbag.

Sharing on TweetMyBag is easy and fast. All you need is a Twitter login! Pics can be shared through your phone, email or simple upload on (note: make sure the .jpg file extension is lowercase).

Who needs a boyfriend when you can treat yourself this Valentine's Day to your very own Rebecca Minkoff bag at an amazing discount price. Or, if you've got a man in your life, upload a pic and email him the discount code: Hint, hint. Don't forget to share this sweet deal with your friends.

TweetMyBag and R.M.

gotta be in it to win it -- and you CAN win it, as i've learned from c.b.

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Andy said...

Oh wow, thanks for sharing this! I love that third one!

oh, and i like your blog dear! follow, follow!


honey living said...

thanks andy - headed over to your blog!

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