Monday, February 8, 2010

open for business

have you ever dreamed of having your own shop? i know i have. and i would want it to be a lot like this one - it's in raleigh, nc and it's called furbish. it's the accomplishment of jamie meares, who you might remember from my conversation with her a few months ago. jamie is also the author of a hilarious blog i read regularly, i suwanee.

i love all the gorgeous painted furniture and i could imagine owning each and every piece, each used in a different context. i also love how jamie uses them as sort of living displays - she has collections and items displayed on and in the pieces of furniture in a way that i think shows how they can be used interestingly and functionally in a home. and it reminds me of one of her design principles - that a room is never really done, and should always be changing and evolving.

i deeply love this striped dresser - imagine how totally precious it would look in a nursery. really any room, but especially a nursery.

and look at the very eclectic pillow collection she carries (and the interesting ways she displays them). it just shows how presentation can make all the difference - when you see these, and then you think of the way big box stores stuff pillows into cubes or unwieldy shelves, it's no wonder it's more pleasant to shop at places like furbish.

and jamie's partner rowdy...totally part of my shop-owning dream -- a shop dog!

tell me you don't want to book a trip down south just to shop at furbish.

what kind of shop is in your dreams?

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