Tuesday, February 2, 2010

all together now

i remember for the longest time, the idea of a dark skirt and a white top reminded me too much of chorus concerts in school to even considering wearing. you with me? i think for a while, even in my adult life, seeing someone dressed this way sent shivers through me that i hadn't rehearsed my solo enough.

so i'm thankful that it's wearing off now, that terror. because look how cute these dresses are! i love love love the draped v-neck dress from coldwater creek because of how classy and tailored it is. i always do love a draped dress, as evidenced by my very own wedding gown.
and the vanilla brownie bow dress from ruche is a little less "just so" than its big sister above...a little deconstructed looking, but still lovely and charming.

so lovely these dresses are, in fact, that i don't think of risers or four part harmonies or voices cracking at all.

choir photo from www.hmschoir.com, dress photos from linked sites

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